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The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is federally funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. Its goal is to promote good nutrition and positive eating habits and attitudes for children in family child care homes.

How will CACFP benefit the families and me?


Reasonable rates - No need to pass all of your food costs on to the parents.
Confidence - Parents know that you have a registered child development home and their children will receive good nutrition.
Parents will receive one of the few governmental supports of quality child care.


Nutrition - Good nutrition assists proper growth and development.
Learning - Children can participate in activities about food and nutrition.
Routine - Children with a healthy diet and routines that affect eating, sleeping and playing are likely to be good natured and sociable.


Cash reimbursement - Receive monthly payment to supplement your income.
Training - Nutrition training and on-site consultations.
Newsletter - Food activities and ideas, other child care information.
Professionalism - Parents see you as a professional; your records will be in order; and you gain increased self-esteem from knowing you provide nutritious meals and snacks.
Free Online Claiming - Cut down on paperwork by submiting your claims online.

To see an example of the reimbursement rates, click here.

For more information regarding Minute Menu companion services offered with CACFP, please view the flyer below:

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Minute Menu Flyer (English)
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Minute Menu Flyer (Spanish/Español)

CNP 2016 Request for Proposal 

West Central Community Action ("WCCA"), Inc. is seeking bid proposals from qualified food vendors to
provide quality meals to assigned classrooms of its Head Start & Early Head Start Program. Daily meals
to serve toddlers, preschool age children and center staff in various classroom locations in Council Bluffs, Denison, Hamburg, Glenwood, Missouri Valley and Onawa.

See Exhibit "A" for Classroom Sites & Enrollment.
NOTE: Classroom sites are subject to change due to, but not necessarily limited to, adding and closing of sites.

We have attached the request for proposal documents at the bottom of this web page for you to access and use at your convenience.

All files are in .pdf format and require Adobe Reader to open. 

Request for Proposal Files

2016 CACFP Exhibit A - Bid Reporting Form

RFP For Food Service FY 2017

Exhibit B - CNP-120 - CACFP NSLP FS Agreement

Exhibit B - CNP-121 - CACFP Food Service Contract

Exhibit B - Infant Meal Pattern

Exhibit B - Child Meal Pattern

Exhibit B - New School Meal Pattern

Exhibit B - Traditional Menu Planning Method - School Lunch

Exhibit B - USDA 7CFR 226 21 & 22

Program Overview

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) promotes good nutrition, positive eating habits and attitudes for children in regulated child care facilities. Childcare providers are given nutritional consultation and menu reviews through meal cost reimbursement. CACFP staff perform in-service training, on-site visits, safety, sanitation inspections, and record keeping reviews. Participation is open to registered home providers.

Program Contact Info

Nancy Pash

CACFP Program Coordinator
712-755-5135 Ext 221
1408a Hwy 44
P.O. Box 709
Harlan, IA 51537

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